Durban, the warmest place to be:
Durban is a sublime paradise filled with history and culture, boasting magnificent environmental and cultural wonders as well as long and tranquil beaches. A sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, Durban has a wealth of influences to entertain and enthral a holiday destination quite unlike any other - our beautiful Durban city, multi-faceted and progressive.

Unicall Contact Centre is based in the warm, vibrant city of Durban, KZN and was established in 2017. Unicall was founded by passion, strive and dedication to our customers.

Our Mission:
We strive to set the standard for quality in the industry while maintaining the highest standards in customer satisfaction and service excellence. We believe we can accomplish our mission by recognizing and meeting our fundamental responsibilities to our customers, employees and business allies. Through the extensive achievements of our highly committed team, we also strive to remain the premier choice for call centre’s both locally and internationally. We will continue to work towards making a difference in the lives and future of our employees and clients while advancing the service and satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision:
We aim to expand our company into new markets by providing a high value of customer satisfaction and maintaining bragging rights using key business markers. We work toward reaching 100% quality in line with quantity to develop satisfied customers, that we can grow with. Our workforce will be trained in critical skill areas to remain amongst the high rollers in the industry. We will foster a rapid response company culture that seeks the simple solution to any challenge presented.