Unicall Contact Centre recognizes the importance of instilling values into the heart of what we do. Our values guide our actions and ultimately lead to our success.
  • We ensure a safe working environment: we maintain a facility and provide a workplace where employees can freely express their professional opinions, beliefs and ideas.
  • We uphold a culture of respect and dignity: we take pride in the contributions and diverse ideas by our team members and endeavour to understand each other by constantly showing empathy towards each other.
  • We inspire empowerment: we encourage problem solving communication and employee involvement at every level of the company. We strive to continually learn, adapt and move forward.
  • We act in stewardship: employees carefully manage the companies standards as if they were their own.
  • We appreciate the importance of a work life balance: we believe this drives each individual in attaining achievement and enjoyment in their daily pursuits.
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